Aniwaya is a pack in the post-apocalyptic werewolf roleplaying game 'Souls. Our concept is inspired by multiple Native American and Native Canadian peoples, including the Cherokee.

The concept of this pack - or tribe - revolves around a peaceful, agricultural lifestyle. Most members spend their days on two legs for this reason, and there are profession paths instead of normal ranks. Some of these paths are practical, such as Animal Tender, Warrior or Craftsman, while others are highly spiritual, such as Fire Tender or Priest. Life is peaceful, as leaders in the southern part of the general 'Souls map try to stay on good terms with each other. AniWayan custom also dictates that all inhabitants of the world should be respected, and thus AniWaya does not differ between dog, coyote, wolf or hybrid. A Great Fire burns forever in the AniWayan Village, representing the everlasting strength and perseverance of the AniWayan people. Tribesmembers are followed through life by a never-dying companion, their Spirit Guide. They have come from the sacred spirit world to lead our characters on a true and respectful path, until death.

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