About the concept

This pack is based on Native American/Native Canadian culture. While it was originally based on the Cherokee, it quickly became evident that there was not enough authentic material on which to base the different sides of life we wanted to explore. Additionally, the main developer of this concept has had the internet as her only source, and is European. With limited sources and limited knowledge, the concept moved from being Cherokee to picking what was needed from various sources. Authenticity could not be maintained when using the internet as the only source, and there is much floating around that is quite likely not true. As such, this has become somewhat of a mush of a generalisation, and could be offensive to some.

We do not apologize if you feel we have treated your beliefs, tradition or history without respect. To justify this and our actions, we want to highlight a few things: the goal for us is not to be true to what has happened in the real world, nor true to actual ceremonies/beliefs/stories and mythology. We are dedicated roleplayers who do care about realism and detail, and in our lack of detail we have collectively created a fiction which we find attractive. We have taken what we have found to be beautiful, and created the rest as we pleased, using these pieces and ideas as inspiration.

In the context of the role-playing universe which the tribe exists in, this concept represents an approach to an ideal lifestyle, and an exploration of ideas. A people rises without tools; they are wolves with hands, and they - in time - find the same path as did the oldest peoples to live on the continent. Therein lies an optimistic, albeit shallow and flawed tribute to the real people and its history.

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