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This is inspired by 'Souls Word of the Day, however I wanted to keep the idiom on the site and I don't know 365 of them, so it's idiom of the week, and not day.

How-to: simply use the idiom of the week in a thread post, and gain 10 extra points for the AniWaya Points Game! :D Submit the points claim to the AniWaya account.

Aren't these proverbs/sayings/expressions? - No. Idioms are phrases which carry cultural meaning, and whose meaning you cannot find through the words' literal meaning. This means that "a stone's throw away" is an expression (since you can understand it from the words), while "raining cats and dogs" is an idiom (since it means raining heavily, and has nothing to do with actual cats and dogs). Since idioms are speshul, I love them! HAVE SOME IDIOMS.

Idiom for week 43, October 22, 2019;

“To face the music”
To face unpleasant consequences for your actions

Ex: You've admitted to the crime, now it's your turn to face the music.
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