Chapter 1 - The beginning

The tribe originally lived a long way from 'Souls, and interacted with several other tribes of the same culture. Nearby there were other settlements as well, not unlike those of 'Souls. Several large families were the foundation of the AniWaya tribe, but smaller families and "loners" were also part of its social scenery. With long traditions incorporated deeply into their everyday lives, the AniWayans were reluctant to move from their territories, although when a nearby Luperci pack attacked the friendly tribe, and killed several of its warriors, along with women and some children, the council and the Kalona were forced to act. It was decided they move, starting the process of tearing down houses and packing their things. A scouting party was sent ahead, consisting of the Kalona, Ayegali Kala, and some other members of the tribe chosen at more or less random, among them Dawali Amara and his daughter Asha Amara, and other younger tribe members, some of which never made it to the settling process. Also the Kalona's brothers were part of this party, but left to aid the others when word reached them that the rest of the tribe was caught in a bad storm. Eventually a suitable place was found in Serena Reserve in 'Souls, and the Kalona brought in several wolves not part of the AniWayan community to help with the settling. Dawali Amara was elected sub-leader and part of the tribe council, and together with the Kalona the newly settled tribe started building their homes and waiting for the arrival of the rest.

With some time, the tribe grew, and soon they had four pups among them as well. It was thriving despite its small size, but the absence of the larger bulk of AniWayans was concerning. The leadership was given to Dawali Amara, the Kalona wishing to retire. As they continued to grow, the silence from the others grew heavier and heavier on those of the small settlement who had relatives among them, and eventually, in March 2009, Asha Amara took on a journey to find them. Months passed, and when she returned in June 2009 she had interesting news to tell.

The majority of the tribe left behind had at first been caught in bad weather, and then strayed from their path to find safety and settle elsewhere, the urgency of an illness among them forcing them to. Now, the illness had claimed several lives, and rendered others insane or broken, the medics, headed by Asha's sister and Dawali's second daughter Aiyanna, slowly finding a treatment. The recovery was slow, but it was not unlikely that those that were healed would seek out the new settlement after the crisis had passed.

Summer of 2009 a loner appeared on the borders of the tribe, seeking to feed on their young. Having chased him away, the Chief could not entirely shake this experience off of his mind. Later on, he finds that Noir and Oceane Aston, two small puppies which he cares deeply for, have been attacked by the very same loner, and he travels to speak with all the leaders of all the packs he knows to warn them of this threat. He learns that Phoenix Valley has lost a puppy to the cannibal, and that one member of Dahlia de Mai, Cwmfen nic Graine, also has encountered him. He learns from her that the loner's name is Brennt, and several other aspects of his mind that Dawali could do without. The packs decide to wait, and do nothing, fearing the end result; Brennt's death. Finally, though, he makes another attempt at devouring yet another puppy, and Cwmfen takes action. She wounds him, but is unable to continue, at which point Dawali hunts him down and finishes the ordeal. Returning heavily wounded to the AniWayan borders, Dawali calls for help and is found and cared for by Ember; an event that would lead to the femme's promotion into the Council of Elders, as a sub-leader. Asha leaves once again for the Great Tribe in July, following a recurring premonitions and ill omens that haunt her dreams.

The winter moves closer, and Hemming and Dawali together construct the Town Hall, a building to make their pack meetings somewhat more pleasant during the cold half year. The stable is also improved, and one day as the Chief wanders to fix fences around the packlands, he discovers a lone bull grassing peacefully just outside the enclosure. With some help from his own wits, and a good deal of luck, he manages to lure the bull into the enclosure, closing the gate behind him. AniWaya now holds 4 horses, and a bull. Dawali doesn't entirely know what to do with it, but it could prove a very useful storage of food, if no other use is found for him.

In September, the tribe receives an unexpected visitor; Aiyanna, the Chief's youngest daughter. She confirms Asha's information on the Tribe's well-being, and as Asha came there, the two agreed that Aiyanna would travel to Dawali's tribe to visit while Asha remained in the Great Tribe. Her visit, however is short, and after a mere month she leaves again, feeling the pull of her obligations to the Great Tribe.

January 2010: War again erupts between Inferni & Dahlia de Mai. Now, AniWayan leaders have no connection with the wolves of the conflict, though Dawali had met with Kaena on a diplomatic mission some months before. The idea of getting pulled into the war is not at all tempting, and finally, after some weeks' consideration, Dawali calls for an urgent pack meeting, where he (without consulting Ember) urges everyone to work hard to stay out of the conflict. As of that time, the tribe would not be able to withstand a war, and he asks members to forget about their obligations to family and friends; no AniWayan is to fight in this conflict, nor do anything that could possibly provoke any action towards them from either side. Still, the Chief wanders restlessly in worry, waiting for the conflict to end and waiting for its shadow to disappear from over his mind.

Almost at the exact same time, Asha Amara returns once more from having visited the Great Tribe. Only days later does another original member appear, and so the numbers of "true" AniWayans grows. Soothed by these two's presences, the Chief is more relaxed, though the possibility of war, though marginal, still haunts him. Time passes and the situation calms further. Summer arrives, and Ember is heavy with a litter and steps down from her position as sub-leader of the tribe. One of the animal handlers, Liliana, manages to secure cattle for breeding later in fall, which seems promising for next spring. Another member of the Great Tribe arrives the same fall, and reports of a new Chief in the Great Tribe. The question is; should they be worried?

Chapter 2 - Churning blood

Early July, 2011, to early August of the same year, Maska Ahote--a Councilman of the Great Tribe--comes to AniWaya bearing news that Dawali has broken cultural and pack law by claiming the title Kalona, and he is immediately set to the lowest rank of Itawamba. Maska then proceeds to redirect the tribe despite many outcries, and it is apparent that his attempts to reform AniWaya according to the new Chief's wishes will not be an easy road. A family within AniWaya, the Utinas, flees after being branded traitors and outlaws, and Maska sends out a raid to retrieve them from Crimson Dreams. The Utinas could not be found, however, and the raiding party brings back the sub-leader, Anu, instead. More wolves are further prosecuted and beat down within the tribe.

The conflict intensifies as Maska imprisons AniWayan Foxglove, a hybrid, based on a traditional notion of segregation and power. The neighboring pack Cour des Miracles learn of this through a letter sent by AniWayan Ayasha, and take action: Foxglove has numerous family members in the pack. Their party lands on AniWaya and succeeds in freeing Foxglove - an action which enrages Maska and his Guardians. A raiding party is sent for Cour des Miracles shortly after, as well as another one for Crimson Dreams, and while the tribe loses Guardians they succeed in keeping their enemies on their toes. Returning with prisoners, among them Crimson Dreams' Cambria Marino, daughter of the Alpha, Maska is certain of his power over the region.

Apocalypse looms over the tribe as Cour des Miracles and Crimson Dreams band together against their old friend - now foe - AniWaya. The packs summon all the forces they can - and willing hands are not hard to find - and land on the tribe on a monday, October 17th. The tribe's prisoners are released, which side with the attackers, and despite AniWaya's impressive forces of trained archers, horseback-riders and melee fighters they cannot withstand the force of two trodden-on packs. In a flurry of violence most Guardians are killed in battle, and Maska and his very few remaining supporters are cornered and imprisoned. Old Chief Dawali is among the prisoners - he could not resist the power of AniWayan moral and respect for authority to rebel against Maska. Leaders of the attacking packs occupy the tribe for two weeks, lifting long-time AniWayan Claudius Aston to leader status alongside them.

A stranger arrives not long after the massive raid, and meets with the occupant leaders who eventually decide that she is not "another Maska". She, originally another councilmember from the Great Tribe, eventually becomes responsible for the tribe. Occupant leaders Savina and Vigilante have their own packs to return to, and do not know what to do with the prisoners. Ulilohi, the new arrival, is given leadership under very strict conditions: AniWaya is not to train warriors until the packs deem it safe for the tribe to do so. The prisoners must be sent to the Great Tribe, where they await trial. Ulilohi answers directly to Cour des Miracles and Crimson Dreams, but Claudius is released from leadership duties.

Chapter 3 - To start anew

Peace seems to settle and the tribe continues to live. The winter brought them closer together with ceremonies. In November of 2011, chaos threatens AniWaya again as two coyote dominant hybrids request sanctuary within Aniwaya's borders, fleeing the prosecution of AniWaya for breaching their sacred laws. The two hybrids, Gemma Rhiannon Sawtooth and Matteo Trovato are accepted cautiously into the clan by Claudius Aston after extracting promises from them both that no trouble will come from them. This promise is broken almost immediately however as forces from Anathema come to take the two traitors back. The patrol is diverted however by the quick actions of Claudius and the lives of the two are spared.

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