Great Tribe history

This is a non-dated (sorry!), chronological overview of events which have gone down in the Great Tribe. It will likely be re-written to proper text once someone finds the time!

  1. The Great Tribe was created sometime after the virus hit the world and destroyed humankind
  2. Astonishment at new "powers" - segregation between wolves & coyotes, lots of conflict
  3. The discovery of horses as more than food, through pictures and other
  4. The discovery of tobacco
  5. Plague: kills a large percentage of wolves
  6. War with neighboring luperci: numerous wolves are killed and kidnapped. Chief Ayegali deems it unsafe for the tribe to stay where it is
  7. A scouting party sets off to find a new place to settle far from there. The scouting party is to establish a stable area of living, and holds important people, among them the Chief herself. (<-- this scouting party becomes our 'AniWaya').
  8. A blizzard traps the Great Tribe as it moves much slower in the footsteps of the scouting party. Messengers stop coming, and some members of AniWaya return back to find their loved ones.
  9. Another plague seizes the Tribe: a plague of the mind. The crisis leaves the Great Tribe too wounded to keep moving, and they are forced to settle at the first eligible spot they can find.
  10. Chief Achak Aatu is selected in the Great Tribe, by the spirit guides as custom dictates.
  11. The Great Tribe, now settled, is at war with neighboring luperci. The luperci continuously raid the tribe for its resources and manpower - children and adults alike are kidnapped.
  12. Word of Dawali's claim to the title of Kalona (Chief) reaches the Great Tribe. Chief Aatu considers AniWaya under Great Tribe rule, and a party is sent to AniWaya to observe the tribe's progress. The councilman, Maska Ahote, is ordered to specifically observe Dawali's leadership of the tribe. The goal is to verify whether it is in accorance with proper culture, and on that basis accept or dismiss Dawali's leadership.
  13. Messages from Maska stop coming shortly after his arrival in AniWaya.
  14. A second party is sent to ensure that Maska is still alive, and that he has not abandoned his mission.
  15. A message arrives a month later that Ulilohi, the second councilmember to leave for AniWaya, now leads it under the rule of occupant packs. Chief Aatu accepts the detailed explanation, and prepares to hold a trial for Maska Ahote and Dawali Amara upon their arrival, for treason and deceit. The Great Tribe now has control over leadership in AniWaya, and does not seek to intervene further anytime soon.
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