This page is here to pay tribute to the lucky few who have shown they deserve the title and have put in the dedication necessary to reach the master ranks of their profession path. Congrats guys!

Dawali Amara

Born: 24th April 2004
Profession: Ookah
When obtained: Prior to Nayati.
Art by Kiri


Born: 16th February 2009
Profession: Etikaiele Gata
When obtained: 15th May 2011
Art by Mel

Nayati Utina

Born: 12th June 2007
Profession: Gadui Kanati
When obtained:16th December 2010
Art by Kiri

Liliana Utina

Born: 20th August 2008
Profession: Nadie Tadita
When obtained: 30th December 2010
Art by Kiri

Aranck Eluwilussit

Born: 3rd May 2001
Profession: Ookah
When obtained: Before his arrival to AniWaya (Within the Great Tribe)
Art by Tammi and Sakarri

Claudius Aston

Born: 31st December 2008
Profession: Gadui Gatlvska
When obtained: September 1, 2013
Art by Requiem
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