Accepting newcomers

All members of any rank are allowed and encouraged to greet joiners. Only leaders and members of the Master level of their profession may accept joiners.

This page aims to explain how you should proceed when handling a joining thread. Previously, joining threads were the first encounter joiners had with the whole board. Now, fresh members join in the joining forum first, and thus joiners who post in AniWaya should require much less work!

Please note that joining new members are not to be turned down by a member greeting them unless leadership requires this. Meaning; if a character is joining that your character has negative history with, don't take the thread, please.


Before you do anything at all, check that the joiner's new thread matches these criteria:

  • Joiners are ranked "Loner" or belong to another pack already. If you see a "Wanderer" able to post you should contact staff or post this in the maintenance thread
  • Joiners must mark their threads as 'joining' or 'j' in the title/sub-title fields.
  • Joiners should not trespass (they do, occasionally, but they should be advised not to/to revise their post, through PM coaching)
  • Joiners have preferably (not mandatory) posted a tiny joining form in the OOC section of their thread, or otherwise list the required information

If these requirements are met, you may claim the thread. To claim the thread, post an IC post to it.

Before you claim a thread, though, consider this:

  • Joining threads should move as quickly as possible. Once claimed, it takes priority over all your other threads, so if you take one make sure you can maintain good activity in it.
  • Your character will be acting on behalf of the whole pack. Keep this in mind when you write.

What should your character/you do during the thread?

  1. First of all, make sure the thread moves as quickly(!) as possible, without the joiner having to wait too long for your replies, else they might lose interest.
  2. Make sure the thread is written according to these guidelines, both from your own side, and the joiners's side.
  3. You should reply so your joiner posts at least three times for completely fresh members, giving them a chance to show that they can play and react to dialogue. Current members joining with an auxiliary character is a different situation; do as the roleplaying allows/as you please.
  4. Your character should introduce themselves properly, and in the course of the thread perhaps ask the joiner's character on what skills they could contribute to the tribe with, or about their history, for example. Essentially, evaluate the joiner ICly. Note that joiners are not to be turned down unless leadership contacts you about it.
  5. If the joiner responds well both IC and OOC, you can conclude the thread by welcoming them through IC dialogue, and maybe even lead the newcomer back to the Village!
  6. Don't worry! In the course of your thread, a leader will probably read through what's happening, so you're not alone. You can also PM the leaders with any concerns, such as rude language or unwillingness to respond to the PM's you send them. If things like that happen, quote the stuff that's been sent back and forth, and PM it to the AniWaya account.

What to do when you are finishing up

  1. If you are a Master, you may ICly accept the joiner (have your character accept their joining the pack). Then, must contact a leader and ask them to formalize the acceptance by posting the acceptance message. They will ask the character to be ranked, so you needn't do that.
  2. If you are a leader/subleader, you may formally accept joiners by posting the joiner acceptance message from the AniWaya leader account. Since this otherwise adds 1 post to your post count, this should only be posted in the AniWaya account.
  3. Post in the maintenance thread that the user needs to be titled and added to the ranks. The correct format to report this with is:
    Character Name
    Rank - check which rank the joiner specifies in the form in the beginning. If none specified, give them Itse
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