You can help keep our AniWaya information updated! It is much appreciated, and it helps us make sure the information we share is current.


Help draw attention to our pack! You can post our advertisement on other RP boards. Please, before you do so, keep these guidelines in mind:

  1. Always check the relevant board's advertisement section first:
    • Does AniWaya or 'Souls already have an ad there? -- Don't post the ad.
    • Check any advertisement subforums, too!
  2. Check that our advertisement and board abides by the relevant board's advertisement rules
  3. Post the ad in the correct forum!
  4. Write your name/character name as the author when the forum asks an author name - this helps us verify that it was you who posted it, so you can claim points!
  5. Copy-paste the ad unchanged into the post

The ad

Please write the following as title/subtitle (where applicable). If you have trouble with the length of the fields, just ensure that "'Souls", "AniWaya" and "Werecanine RPG" is mentioned in the title/subtitle somehow.

Title: AniWaya: werecanine pack in 'Souls RPG
Subtitle: Post-apocalyptic werecanine RPG

Update the Wiki

What to do

Update any information you know to be wrong! If you see something out of date, add the newer information. Spelling errors are an obvious thing you can fix. If you look below you will find some headings about "what to do on this site". Anything listed there, you can do. Additionally, you can do the following:

  • Make pride and beautiful things for us! You can add it yourself to the "Member created pride" page.
  • Contribute to the creation of pages-to-be: you can find them in the page overview under "Under contruction", such as the word-list!
If you're uncertain about whether you can edit something, just PM the leadership!

Adding your character(s) to the members pages

Add your character to the Member Directory and add former characters to the Former Member Directory. For the Active Membership Directory, short the list first by rank tier (Leaders > Master > Skilled > Beginner > Other) and then alphabetically by surname. For the former Member Directory, sort alphabetically by surname. Note that large pictures or very narrow/broad pictures may look awkward, so try going for square or square-ish pictures.

If you notice that there are members on the Membership Directory who are no longer a part of AniWaya, feel free to move them to the Former Members list.

Adding/updating your spirit guide

Add your current or former character's spirit guide to the Membership Directory. You may only add your spirit guide once it has been approved by the leadership. You may also update Former and Current members with their spirit guides if they have not done so themselves.

Updating the stables & storage

Add your Character-owned animals to the Stables and Storage page IF your NPC resides with the communal animals in the stables. Try to find an image if you can, but if not, just post to the AniWaya maintenance topic and ask for help.

Update your usage of carrier pigeon system and any new animals that have been trained.

Update the storage overview with anything your character has created, after a hunt or things that have been salvaged from human ruins.

General Wiki tasks

In general, the following pages can always be updated:

  • AniWaya Wiki page - this needs to stay current with territory changes, membership changes, and anything that may have changed.
  • AniWaya category - add current and former members to it by editing the character's profile and adding this category at the end: [[!AniWaya]]
  • AniWaya timeline - add any notable events to this Wiki page!
  • The Great Tribe - did your character ever leave and join the Great Tribe? Did they originate from the Great Tribe? If so, please go ahead and add them in some fashion! If you would like to create a character that hails from the Great Tribe, just talk to the leaders.

What else can I do?

  • By PM'ing the leadership about any errors you see, but cannot fix. Thank you, you help immensely!
  • You can leave feedback for us on our Maintenance Topic, about anything at all. Trivial matters, and not so trivial matters. Or PM the AniWaya account.
  • You can display a banner or button of support and spread the word of how awesome AniWaya is for anyone who will listen.
  • You can create interesting plots and invite players outside of AniWaya to participate in them. We love new faces, right? NOTE: remember to get an okay from leadership if any plot breaks AniWayan laws or endangers AniWaya's relationship with another pack. We like to stick to realism, and failing to okay a plot with such a conflict could lead to IC consequences for your character in our pursuit of maintaining realistic reactions from leadership characters.
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