Introducing: Co-Ranks

What are co-ranks? These are extra ranks or "jobs" your character can have in the tribe. We value that characters are more diverse than simply tuned to their profession path, and thus added these co-ranks for you! Anyone can claim a co-rank so long as it is available, and anyone can challenge another for a co-rank (see co-rank policies). The co-rank is a much smaller, pointed task or talent that your character performs within the tribe. A character may hold two co-ranks simultaneously.

Thanks to Kitty for presenting the idea, and for helping out with this!

Co-rank policies

  • You must complete 1 relevant thread to pick up a co-rank, and you hold it for as long as you can/want until someone challenges it.
  • Read-only threads do not count towards co-ranks.
  • Threads used for advancement in your profession path can still be used to claim a co-rank. I.e. a thread can count for both.
  • If a challenger has more threads relevant to the co-rank, the co-rank will pass to them. Request change by PM (the co-rank can be won back)
  • You can hold two co-ranks.
  • Co-ranks must be requested by leadership either in the AniWaya Maintenance thread or by PM to the AniWaya account.

Co-Rank listing

AmbassadorGanuseda1Assists the Scouts in their work. Carry messages within and outside the tribe.
Bird keeperTsi'a'qua ugasesdi2Tends the Pigeon Carrier birds
Border Patrol - Patrols the borders for new joiners and responds to unknown howls.
Boundary Marker-1Pees on things ;D
Captive CatcherDahudigisgi1Primary function in hostile encounters is to take captives
Ceremonial aidAlisdelisgi2Acting assistant to Chief/Fire Tenders/Priests/Teachers during ceremonies
Food preserver/preparatorAdastayuhus1Preserves foods, prepares ceremonial herb pastes
Crafter (stone)Nvya1Self explanatory
Crafter (bone)-1Self explanatory. May collaborate with Hunters to acquire bones.
Crafter (cloth)-1Self explanatory. May collaborate with Craftsmen and Craftswomen to acquire materials.
Crafter (wood)-1Self explanatory
Crafter (metal)-1Self explanatory
Crafter (symbols)-1Crafts symbolsfor ceremonial purposes. May also craft new relics in collaboration with the Master Craftsman.
Dancer-2Trains and performs with Fire Tenders/Story-teller
GardenerAwisvnv ugasesdi1Tends the Village area so it does not overgrow, and sometimes the crops
Gatherer-1Self explanatory.
Herbalist-1Self explanatory.
Goods traderDanatisgi1Self explanatory
Grave Keeper-1Self explanatory. Collaborates closely with Gola Watsi
Oil maker-1Assists Fire Tenders by producing oil. May collaborate with Hunters to acquire animal fat.
ScribeDinowelisgi1Assists and collaborates with the Teachers to maintain written-down history.
Singer-1Self explanatory. Collaborates closely with Priests/Fire Tenders/Story-teller. May present song in ceremonies.
Skinner-1Self explanatory.
Tailor-1Provides clothing, weaves cloth
TrackerAgateno1Assists Scouts and Hunters (sometimes Warriors)
QuartermasterEtisu1Maintains an overview and tally of all stores (including weapons, foods, medicinal herb, crafting materials etc.)
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