The scouts of the tribe are quite versatile. Not only do they help patrol borders, but the hunters rely on them for big tribe-wide hunts, to scout out prey in advance. While hunters are expected to track prey that regularly move inside the tribe's territory, scouts are also expected to maintain somewhat of an overview. More importantly, however, is the scouts' role as mediators in both times of peace and war. In times of peace, scouts of any tier are used for trades, general communication between packs and otherwise a support team. In times of war scouts will aid the Chief and Warriors by spying, relieving warriors of their patrol duty to free up fighters, and may join in the fight themselves! Naturally, scouts are the go-to diplomats of the tribe, also in times of war.

The scouts of the tribe hold the animals for and maintain and regulate the use of AniWaya and CdM's carrier pigeon system.

About messengers

Scouts are frequently used as messengers for the tribe. Whenever a scout is sent on a mission as a messenger, the Master or authority that sends them on the mission also gives the scout a token to authenticate their mission. The token also functions as a proof of identity and rank for the scout. This token is a flat, often circular gray stone with the Master's symbol (wolf eye) carved into it and traced in green paint afterwards.

Beginner rank

Tsula Agateno

Five characters
Translation: Fox Scout

Those of the very bottom of the tribal scouts. The Fox Scout is trained by the Wolf Scout and the War Speaker. Tsula Agateno is a starting title and requires no other title to be held.

Main tasks
- Permitted to scouting only the borders of the tribe, and the land within.
- May gather intelligence within neutral lands.
- May report findings, but not act upon them.
- Follows hunting parties as part of their training, and also to aid in locating the better prey.
- May carry messages within the tribe at their leisure, or as the other members see fit to trust them with this task.
- Maintaining the pigeons' holding area and keeping it clean. May send messages within the tribe.

Skilled rank

Waya Agateno

Three characters
Translation: Wolf Scout

Members with a higher skill and understanding of a Scout and all that the rank pertains to. To become a Wolf Scout, one must first hold the title of Fox Scout.

Main tasks
- Aids the War Speaker in the training of lower ranked scouts.
- May gather intelligence from neutral lands and other packs.
- Messenger for confidential or urgent messages within the tribe, or outside it.
- Cooperates with the Warriors of the tribe in patrolling the borders.
- Scout for fitting prey, to alert the hunters of the tribe.
- Users of the carrier pigeons. Trains birds and sends messages out of the tribe.

Master rank


One character
Translation: War Speaker

The most trusted and skilled Scout of the tribe. To become the War Speaker, one must first hold the titles of Fox Scout and Wolf Scout.

Main tasks
- Organization and training of lower ranked scouts (often by delegating responsibility downwards).
- Often the only one to be allowed to carry confidential messages for the Chief to any pack or otherwise.
- Responsible for organizing diplomatic missions.
- Sits with the Chief and War Chief in times of war, to discuss attack plans or diplomacy.
- Main representative of the Tribe (ahead of the Chief!) outward.

Mark and relic

Characters who reach the Master rank also receive a master's brand in the form of a dyed or tattooed color pattern either on their chest, face or an arm (or similarly visible place), as well as a relic, to symbolize clearly their ranking and powerful position in the pack hierarchy. In the case that there are more than one master in a profession, the most prominent one keeps the mark and relic, and the rank can be challenge for.

Mark: The all-seeing eye of the Master Scout symbolizes the firm grip (s)he has on prey animals in the area, and friends and enemies of the tribe. The single stripe of green under the symbolic eye is a reference to the scouts' close relationship to the warriors.

It's color symbolizes many things:

  • Nature and the natural world: For the close relationship that the scouts must have with it, being able to read and commune with it for a mutual relationship.
  • Foresight and keen vision: To be able to see past what is right in front of one's face and look beyond the obvious. Those of the scouting tier must be able to delegate in the same way.
  • Free passage and safety: For their duty in seeing that the tribe is safe from intruders as well as guiding strangers rightly through the lands and about them.
Relic: The relic of the Ututv is a carefully carved walking stick, symbolizing the many steps a scout must take on behalf of their pack. It sports many vivid colors, and is quite thick for a simple walking stick. Upon further inspection, a keen eye can find a story told in the carved patterns, like a moving painting. The creation story unfolds itself from the walking stick's bottom to its top, where it meets two rings of colorful feathers placed on top of each other.
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