The members of the teaching tier fulfill a number of traditional Cherokee roles, from the role of the teacher to the role of the storyteller and lore-keeper. The teaching tier is divided into two branches in the second level: teaching and storytelling.

Beginner rank


Five characters
Translation: Learned

Those of the very bottom of the tribal teachers. The Learned is trained by the Tutor and the Lore-Keeper. Udeloquav is a starting title and requires no other title to be held.

Main tasks
- Maintain pack traditions through oral story-telling.
- Begin training in writing
- Record pack history by speaking to elders and members of the Great Tribe.
- Record the history of past conflicts and past alliances by speaking with other packs.
- Teach puppies the history of AniWaya and the Great Tribe and the Creation Story.

Skilled rank


Three characters
Translation: Tutor

Members with a higher skill and understanding of a Tutor and all that the rank pertains to. To become a Tutor, one must first hold the title of Learned.

Main tasks
- Leads schooling sessions for puppies.
- Formalize Learned' records in writing.
- Maintain an overview on current events here and in the Great Tribe (via messengers)
- Teach the Sedali about tribe culture and guides them in their choice of profession paths.
- Teaches the Learned.


Three characters
Translation: Story-Teller/Poet

Members with a higher skill and understanding of a Story-Teller/Poet and all that the rank pertains to. To become a Story-Teller/Poet, one must first hold the title of Learned.

Main tasks
- Aids the Scholar with remembrance ceremonies to honour ancestors.
- Collaborates closely with the priest and Fire Keepers. May aid in ceremonies. May sing poetry during the fire dance.
- Pays particularly close attention to known AniWayan songs and poetry.
- Maintains an oral and written account of AniWaya's and the Great Tribe's history and lore.

Master rank


One character
Translation: Scholar

The most trusted and skilled Teacher of the tribe. The Scholar is a powerful symbol of the collective wisdom of the AniWayan people. (S)he holds and helps create knowledge for the tribe's benefit, and is one of the few who master writing to the full. The Scholar is linguistically superior to most pack members, and speaks and writes AniWayan as well as common speech at 'Souls (English). To become the Scholar, one must first hold the titles of Learned and Tutor or Story-Teller.

Main tasks
- Teaches the members of the skilled and beginner tiers of the teaching path.
- Functions as an image of tribe wisdom: the Scholar is more of a symbol than an actual authority. Main priority is to maintain this appearance, and their knowledge.
- One of the most revered members of the tribe, the Scholar often takes the role of advisor or guide to members who seek this.
- The Scholar is one of the few truly influential members of the Council of Elders, and whose advice a Chief would assess as invaluable.

Mark and relic

Characters who reach the Master rank also receive a master's brand in the form of a dyed or tattooed color pattern either on their chest, face or an arm (or similarly visible place), as well as a relic, to symbolize clearly their ranking and powerful position in the pack hierarchy. In the case that there are more than one master in a profession, the most prominent one keeps the mark and relic, and the rank can be challenged for.

Creator of this rank's mark & relic: Mel, in our 2012 Master Details contest!

Mark: A white bear.
Bear teaches us to look inward and to reflect, and to listen to our inner wisdom. A further symbol of “dreamtime”, Bear calls upon us to remember the dreams of our ancestors and to look to them for wisdom, such as Bear does while hibernating.

Its color symbolizes many things:

  • Clarity: One must be able to clear themselves of the clutter of the day-to-day life in order to be wise.
  • Patience: It goes without saying that any teacher must know patience; but it is also a lesson that others must learn, and something that should be taught.
  • The Spirit: In order to teach the stories of our ancestors, one must open themselves to the realm of spirits. Stories cannot simply be repeated; they must be understood.
Relic: A cloak/poncho of deep purple, another color that symbolizes a connection to the spirit, fringed with white. White stitching elaborately embroiders the creation story of AniWaya.
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