Spirit Guide Creation Help

Creating a spirit guide can be tough. It is difficult to choose a species, and to create a duality between your character and its guide. After reading the FAQ, trying to understand the concept, it may be difficult to find inspiration! Here is some advice pieced together in the form of questions or particular thoughts that are useful to consider when piecing together your Guide. Hope it helps!


More often than not, players would like to go for a pretty, exotic, or otherwise "popular" animal species such as other canines, felines, big carnivores etc. While this is generally allowed (NB! Members of the canis family cannot be Spirit Guides), it is definitely preferable you put some work into choosing a species other than "tiger", for example. Why is that? Consider this:

  • A large carnivore is a wolf's competitor in real life. To your wolf/coyote/dog, they will most certainly symbolize threat.
  • A tiger, lion or other exotic animal will not blend in very well. Imagine going hunting with a blazing orange tiger next to you! This is why we prefer species that are either naturally living in Nova Scotia, or whose appearance can blend in with the natural surroundings well.
  • Consider the Guide's purpose: unless size is an important factor (which it very rarely is for someone not there to protect, but to guide), it is quite strange to have a guide whose species towers over the wolf.
  • Try to boil it down to what you would like for the guide to represent for your character. Based on this you can make up your own symbolism, or google animal symbolism to find inspiration.
  • Consider using wikipedia to find cool species that you haven't necessarily heard of (f.ex. instead of just "hare" - what type of hare?) This is one way to getting a guide whose species is unique without resorting to exotic species!
  • If you want its form to symbolize something within your character, consider that an exotic species may be unrecognized by your character. It may be more natural to choose a species that your character will have seen at some point, so they have associations tied to it.

Spirit Guide Ideas

Below is a list of possible spirit guide species all native to Nova Scotia:1 2


Remember: the guide's personality can be as dark or jolly as you would like. The line is drawn between the personality and the spirit guide's purpose - hence its advice cannot be malevolent, but its personality can be cruel, if this is what you'd like.

  • Does your character have sides of them that you would like to enhance? Can the guide's personality help bring light to this in your gameplay?
  • Can you use the guide's personality to fuel a certain development you would like to see happen in your character?

Physical forms and communication forms

Please refer to the table on physical appearance in the FAQ.

A Guide may use their entire spectrum entirely depending on the situation, or they may default to a favorite set ways to appear, much like our characters often settle on being either predominantly in optime, secui or lupus form.

  • Can the guide's personality dictate which forms they are most likely to choose? A shy guide may prefer being invisible, while a cocky one will perhaps prefer to be visible, and very audible!


  • What is the guide's goal for your character? Are there particular lessons they want to teach, or are they more ambivalent when it comes to their obligation towards guiding?
  • How convinced are they in relation to their obligation to guide? Do they take it very seriously, or are they more laid-back?
1 "Species at Risk List" Natural Resources, Government of Nova Scotia, 3 October 2011, 20 April 2012.
2 "List of mammals of Canada" Wikipedia, 20 April 2012, 20 April 2012.
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