This map lets you view the subterritories in its tooltips. Hover the number (territory) or exclamation mark (point of interest) to read its description. If you are not comfortable with using javascript or have javascript turned off, you can click the indicators and will then be taken to the description of that area (opens in a new window).

Made by Marit, December 2013. Descriptions and territories are updated consecutively.

Uwoida Gadohi - The Swollen Land Agalsga odalv'i - The Cut Mountain Ilje'i amegwoi - Ocean of Green Tsola Tlogesi - Tobacco Field Tlogesi Digakohidi - Field of Plants Anitsoi Divdali - Triplet Lakes Uyojv'i asvtlvi - The Wrecked Bridge The Village Center Ulosvi Ani Nvya - Fallen Stones Itse Gaduhv - New Town Lady's cabin Aga yvli Dasoyv - Thousand/old Walls
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