Stable & Storage

The building itself was already there when the AniWayans got to 'Souls, though much of it has been heavily repaired in order to be safe enough to use. It's still pretty old and at first its floor plan appeared a little strange to the wolves of AniWaya, used to constructing their stables completely differently. However they quickly solved the mystery, and constructed some fencing around its general area. Some canopies are also stretched over very basic structures outside to hold various items and foods that can handle a little bit of humidity. During the blizzard in early February, the stables sustained heavy damages, including the destruction of a few small storage-areas and the main entrance being ripped to shreds. It is now rebuilt due to the collaboration of Phoenix Valley and AniWaya, along with a few new pastures for the animals.

The AniWayans brought with them several horses and have been breeding them whenever this has been convenient. Several members have also traded with among other Phoenix Valley and Cour des Miracles for horses, and the occupants of the stables are now quite diverse when it comes to species and bloodline, allowing for some effective breeding.

Only late in 2010 did the tribe truly begin to have any chance of breeding cattle, as they had caught a bull previously, though they had no cows for breeding. Late in 2010 Liliana Utina traded with Phoenix Valley, and the project of breeding will likely be starting in early 2011.

The stables complex was repaired and expanded with several new pens and smaller buildings in May 2011, when close allies Phoenix Valley and AniWaya banded together to rebuild both their packs' territories. Members participating in the building of our current Stables complex are listed below. Their at-the-time pack affiliation is noted next to their name. Thank you to all contributions!
Builders: Noah (PV), Carwyn (PV), Ty Trenton Nasphrite (PV), Ookami (PV), Aletha (PV), Shiloh Grant (AW), Foxglove Monroe (AW), Ayasha (AW),

Poultry was added in early 2012 by Io Berlin who had just taken up the position of Elan Soquili. A coop was added near to the stables to house both chickens and ducks and the fowl itself were provided via a trade from Freetown and partly by a trade with Cercatori D'Arte.

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