The scouting party brought with them several horses on their journey to reach 'Souls, some for riding and some to help carry equipment and personal belongings. These horses stay in the stable complex, which is located on our map. Males and females are kept from each other outside of breeding season, and male foals are generally with their mothers until they reach maturity. Horses are also captured, traded, and acquired otherwise, so there is a certain diversity within the AniWayan stables. Below is a status on which horses are currently living in these stables, who their owners are (if any), what their training is if applicable, and their breeds, ages and genders. If you want your character to claim a horse, please PM the leadership and we will get back to you!

The herd is led by Rio and the dominant male is Neo. Less dominant males are not chased from the group, but during breeding season they are often driven away by the lead stallion. For more information regarding the behavior of the herd, check the RP Guide!

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Current horses

IconName Age GenderOwnerTrainingNote
--Percy12?StallionAlaizabelleRiding, workPercheron
Jack10GeldingAniWayaWork horse-
Belle5FemaleAniWayaWork, pack, riding-
Ash11MaleAniWaya-From America borders, Dapple Grey
Rio8FemaleAniWaya-From America borders, Blue Roan
Smoke1FemaleAniWaya Training Schedule: Riding, BattleRio's foal Can be ridden 2016
Duncan7MaleAniWayaPack horse, carriage/cartPony
Suthen6Female AniWayaPack horse, carriage/cartPony
Strider4MaleFrodo SilvertongueRiding, Cross Country, JumpingShagya Arabian, 16 hh, Very light shade of gray (white)
Neo6MaleGemmaGeneral riding, also trained to battle though terrain.True white Thoroughbred Stallion.
(previously Jaroslaw Fabianski)
Riding, farm work, heavy workBred from various draft breeds
Mother to Unnamed colt by Neo
(previously Sighet Montaray)
CuttingMustang. He prefers female riders, and can be hard to stop once he starts running. 15 hands.
(previously Grace Galaxy)
Riding, battle mountArabian/Mustang, dapple grey
(previously Grace Galaxy)
Cart, light ridingArabian mustang, black
(previously Grace Galaxy)
RidingArabian mustang, blue roan
Mother to Amadahy by Neo
Amadahy 1FemaleAniWayaTraining schedule: Hunting, riding, Arabian x Thoroughbred
Smoky Blue Roan
Born May 2013
Parents: Neo (sire) and Raja (dam). Can be ridden in 2016
Bub 1MaleAniWayaTraining schedule: Farm Work, CartDraft x Thoroughbred
Born May 2013
Parents: Neo (sire) and Gda (dam). Can start work 2016
Mirage7FemaleSaquiRiding horse From Great tribe
Unnamed<1MaleSaquiUntrainedSire: unknown Dam: Mirage

Previous horses

Faris3MaleGrace GalaxyRidingArabian/Mustang, brown/white pinto
Layla5FemaleGrace GalaxyRiding, work, packArabian, liver chestnut
Strawberry7FemaleEris Eternity (Previously Aniwaya)Cart/carriage, work horseChestnut Thoroughbred
Unnamed3FemaleAhiga-From America borders, Dun
Rohan3FemaleCaprica (Given to by Frodo Silvertongue)In training.From America borders, Bay
Sugar5GeldingRallaRiding, Work, CartQuarter horse
Evadne?FemaleOcèane Aston Riding-
Grace3FemaleLiliana UtinaRiding, hunting, workingThoroughbred, Chestnut/flaxen Mane (pregnant by Iye Due May 2012)
Iye5MaleNayati Utina Riding, huntingDapple Grey horse
Niyol4MaleSanuye Otsana --
Fuerte4MaleDésirée NoëlleRidingGrulla Andulusian. Traded from J'adore for 3 bottles of alcohol.
Luz3FemaleJ'adore AustralRiding, Agility, JumpingBay Lusitano
Inez1MaleAyasha (Previously J'adore Austral)-Chestnut Russian Don Horse
Vasquera3MaleJ'adore AustralRiding, dressageCremello Lusitano
Jericho4FemaleMatteo TrovatoRiding, Jumping, PackBlue roan Quarterhorse
Buck6MaleAhiga NishantRiding, HuntingBuckskin Thoroughbred
Bialy 3 MaleIo BerlinRiding, cross country, jumpingDapple grey Andulusian. Does not integrate well with the main herd, usually goes his own way and does not submit to Neo.
Obrońca4MaleIo BerlinHeavy work, cross country, rough terrain. Krakon. Very stocky. Respectful of hierarchy, but stubborn. Able to defend himself against medium sized predators.
Bianca5FemaleAnatole Aston-From America borders, White (pregnant by Buck, Due June 2012)

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