This is an extended quota list of materials and stock within the AniWayan territory and village, updated monthly according to conditions and the productivity of the pack. This is primarily for the use of the members of the pack so that they may know what is available to them readily and what is scarce, so that equal trade and production may occur.


Plentiful: There has been a large increase of weapons and warfare items due to the recent orders of the new leadership.
Scarcity: With the sudden influx of new members and the loss of AniWaya's Master hunter, fresh food has become scarce and the grain stores have been eaten into.

Fish Stable --
Meat Scarce Elk, game, boar etc.
Fruits Scarce Berries, tree-fruit, etc.
Nuts Scarce --
Bread Stable Grains or already baked.
Corn Stable --
Potatoes Scarce --
Bows 18 --
Arrows Plentiful --
Knives 21 --
Spears 20 --
Other 0 Metal weapons, old human weapons, etc.
Clay Work Plentiful Bowls, jars, etc.
Weaving Stable Tapestries, baskets, etc.
Canoes 5 --
Clothing Stable --
Furniture Stable --
Toys Stable --
Herbs Stable Including tobacco
Furs Stable --
Cart 1 --
Animal Materials Stable Feathers, bones, etc.
Tools Stable For all trades, usually maintained individually by each profession
Horses / War-horses 10 / -- --
Cattle 6 --
Sheep 11 --
Pigeon 1 --
Llama 1 --
Ducks 5 --
Chickens 5 --

Note 1: Some of the categories, such as fruit, are general as to the type of fruit within. The list itself refers to the most common of the item displayed, so it excludes a detailed count on exotic fruits that may be rarely traded in from a foreign country or continent.

Note 2: There are two different ways to count the quota of the above items. There is the numerical system, which is used for things of a more measurable count, and the abundance system (scarce, stable, and plentiful) for things of typically higher counts.

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