Greeting Newcomers

Any member of the Tribe that is of second or higher stage in their profession path may greet and accept newcomers at the borders. Please see the guidelines.


This is the traditional courting custom in AniWaya. When a member has chosen a partner they wish to marry they kill a deer and bring a portion of it to their partner's house. If the receiver of the deer wants to marry them, they cook the deer and offer it to them. If they do not want to marry them, they simply let the deer lie untouched. The marriage itself takes place after the acceptance of the courtship. Both families, the Chieftainess and the tribal council all gather together. The receiver of the deer brings an ear of corn, signifying their ability to provide bread, and the giver of the deer brings a piece of deer, signifying their ability to provide meat. A brief ceremony was followed with a feast and dancing. Both families generally give gifts to the couple to start their new life. Same sex and different sex couples are both accepted. Only a Priest or the Great Priest may conduct the ceremony.

Mateship Ending

A pair seeking to end their official mateship must bring their case to the Council and each give their reasons why the mateship must come to an end. The Council will offer advice and help to work through issues, but if both parties feel as if they mateship should end, the Council will nullify their bond.


In AniWaya, pups between non-mated pairs are looked down upon, though no action is taken against any party. In the case of pups between a member of the Tribe and a non-member of the Tribe, the non-member must either join the Tribe or one parent must relinquish parental control over the pups. Alternatively, the parent that is part of the tribe may choose to leave the tribe, should their partner not want to join the tribe.

Puppies are considered the property of the pack

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